Habits For Success – Attitude (Career Lessons)
Soft Skills — L-Skills (Likable) (Career Lessons)
Help Wanted Ads — Medical Industry (Career Lessons)
Help Wanted Ads — Restaurant Industry (Career Lessons)
Help Wanted Ads — Retail Industry (Career Lessons)
Help Wanted Ads — Mechanical (Career Lessons)
Help Wanted Ads — Computer Industry (Career Lessons)
Help Wanted Ads — Office (Career Lessons)
Help Wanted Ads — Sales (Career Lessons)
Help Wanted Ads — Design (Career Lessons)
Help Wanted Ads — Recreation (Career Lessons)
Taxes: The Yearly Cycle (Career Lessons)
Taxes: “W” Series Forms (Career Lessons)
Taxes: 1040EZ (Career Lessons)
Taxes: Trump’s Tax Plan Explained (Career Lessons)
Internship Classes (Careers Lessons or Finding Careers Lessons)
Unemployment by Education Level & Self-Employment (Career Lessons)
Teen Unemployment Rate 2017 (Career Mini Lessons)
Artificial Intelligence & AI-bots (Career Lessons)
Minimum Wages 2018 (Career Lessons)
Minimum Wage U.S. Map Activity (Career Lessons)
Fastest Growing Jobs to 2026 (Job Projections)
Fastest Growing Jobs to 2026 (EZ HS to Associate) (Job Projections)
Most Job Openings to 2026 (Job Projections)
Most Job Openings to 2026 (EZ HS to Associate) (Job Projections)
Career Groups – New Job Openings (Job Projections)
Industry Growth & Job Declines (Job Projections)
Does Education Pay? EZ High School to Associate Degree (Career Mini)
Does Education Pay? High School to Professional Degree (Career Mini)
Union Membership & Right to Work (Career Lessons)
Union States & RTW States (Easier) (Career Lessons)
State Unemployment Rates (Career Mini Lessons Tweet

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College & Career Publishing was launched for the school year of 1986 as a monthly printed newletter booklet (16 pages) called California Work World, created for work experience teachers and career guidance technicians.  California Work World newsletter was discontinued in 1995 due to the newsletter’s monthly printing and mailing costs.  In its place, U.S. Work World was launched and provided as a once-a-year set of two three-ring notebooks with over 500 pages of lessons that could be taken to the copy machine and copied for students, staff, and parents of the purchasing school site.  Inquiries from out-of-state teachers expanded College & Career Publishing nation wide as out-of-California teachers inquired about and purchased U.S. Work World for use in careers classes, vocational programs, continuation school programs, and some prisons.  In 2002, the first U.S. Work World website was launched with lessons in PDF format that educators downloaded from the website and printed out.  The shift to PDF web-based lessons, and the shift of printing costs from College & Career Publishing to the teacher’s printer enabled the yearly subscription price to drop 70% to $65 per year where it is today.  It is the goal of U.S. Work World to Prepare Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Jobs with up-to-date and interesting, current event lessons and handouts that educators may use to supplement career education curriculums and share with staff and parents.  U.S. Work World is not designed to be a stand-alone career education curriculum.