Career Lessons (Two or More Page Lessons)

After a $65 yearly subscription to U.S. Work World is purchased, a username and password will be assigned to the purchaser for the school site.  Then, all U.S. Work World PDFs will be available for download and printout, and for use with students, staff, and parents at that school site.

After High Schol Choices
Answering Phones at Work
Apprenticeship: Learn & Earn
Attitude for Success
Before Interview Research
Biz Opp Scams
Bully at Your Job
Business Luncheon
Chamber of Commerce
Conflicts at Your Job
Customer Service
Dangers at Work
Employer Surveillance
English Classes Are Important
Facebook, Twitter & You’re Fired
Federal Labor Laws
Finding Part-Time Jobs
How To Ask For A Job
How To Make Introductions
Identity Theft
Illegal Interview Questions
Intelligence: IQ and EQ
Interview Tips
Job Tips From Employers
Late Again? Causes & Cures
Learn Leadership Skills
Listening Skills
Making a First Impression
Math & Your Career
Minimum Wages
Networking Skills
Nothing To Do This Summer?
Paycheck Stub
Police & Firefighters: Job Risks
Pyramid Business Plans
Science & Your Career
Sexual Harassment
Shoplifting & Robbery at Work
Skills & Qualities Employers Want
Social Media & Digital Dirt
Submit Your Transcript Please
Success in the Work World
Taxes: 1040EZ
Taxes: The Yearly Cycle
Taxes: “W” Series Forms
Tattoos & Body Piercings
Teamwork Skills
Telemarketing Scams
Unemployment in the U.S.
Union Membership and Right to Work
Volunteer for Work Expeirence
What Can I Say? Traits!
Why Go To School?
Work Ethic Skills