Career Mini Lessons (One-Page Lessons)

After a $65 yearly subscription to U.S. Work World is purchased, a username and password will be assigned to the purchaser for the school site.  Then, all U.S. Work World PDFs will be available for download and printout, and for use with students, staff, and parents at that school site.

Appplications: Words to Use
Career Myths & Reality
Decision Making: Steps to Success
Discipline in the Work World
Does Education Pay? (High School to Associate Degree)
Does Education Pay? (High School to Graduate Degree)
Dreaming Your Future
Employment Skills Defined
English Skills & The Work World
How to Answer Interview Questions
How to Win at Work
Interview Debriefing
Interview Part-Time Workers
Interview Workers in a Career
Investigating Jobs
Is Self-Employment For You?
Is Temporary Employment For You?
Leadership in the Work World
Leave Your Job? Think About It!
Match Jobs With Skills
Match Jobs With Tasks
Minimum Wages: For States
Minimum Wage: History of Federal Minimum Wage
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Pay: The Types Employers Use
Personality Traits for Work World Success
School Versus Work
Self-Employment of U.S. Workers
Social Networking? Be Careful!
State Unemployment Rates
Starting a Business
Successful Handshakes
Top 15 Characteristics Wanted in Workers
U.S. Work World Share & Tell
Why I Did Not Hire You
Words to Describe Successful Workers
Word Search: How’s Your Attitude?