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Success Skills Standards (Career Lessons)
JOB CORPS (Career Lessons)
20 Qualities Equal Success: School, Work, Personal Life (Finding Careers)
Careers for Artistic Talents (Finding Careers & Career Mini Lessons)

Construction, Repair & Engineering Jobs (Finding Careers & Career Mini Lessons)
Jobs in the Music Industry (Finding Careers & Career Mini Lessons)
Jobs Using Math & Science (Finding Careers & Career Mini Lessons)
Medical & Health Industry Job (Finding Careers & Career Mini Lessons)
Office Jobs Using Business & Computers (Finding Careers & Career Mini Lessons)
Social Media Jobs (Finding Careers & Career Mini Lessons)
Job Fair (Finding Careers)
Ex-Offenders & The Job Hunt (Finding Careers)
NEW CATEGORY — JOB RESEARCH LESSONS (new lessons added weekly):
Aircraft Mechanics & Technicians
Audio/Visual & Broadcast Technicians
Construction Equipment Operators
Dental Assistants
Engineering Technicians
Food Service Managers
Foral Designers
Graphic Designers
Insurance Sales Agents
Law Enforcement Officers
Medical Assistants

Nursing Assistants & Orderlies
Paralegals & Legal Assistants
Restaurant Crew: Teamwork

Plumbers, Pipe & Steamfitters
Retail Sales Workers

Social & Human Service Assistants

Job Research lessons are adapted from information in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Job Research lessons are 3-page lessons describing job duties, work environment, education and training, important qualities for the job, pay, and job outlook. During the 2017-18 school year, Job Research lessons will be added weekly with the following priority:  First Phase — Job Research will first add new lessons about jobs that require no training, on-the-job training, Certificates, and Associate degrees.   Second Phase — Then, new lessons will be added about jobs that require Bachelor degrees or higher.

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