Job Hunt Portfolio

After a $65 yearly subscription to U.S. Work World is purchased, a username and password will be assigned to the purchaser for the school site.  Then, all U.S. Work World PDFs will be available for download and printout, and for use with students, staff, and parents at that school site.

Looking Good on Paper
Three Personal References
Job Hunt Personal Data Worksheet
Rules for Resumes
What Can I Say? Skills!
What Can I Say? Traits!
Resume Examples
Resume Sent by Email
Resumes: Job Boards
Resumes: Keywords
Resumes: Keyword Search Activity
Applications on Paper
Applications: Home Store Application Activity
Computer Applications
Cover Letter
Before the Interview
Job Interview
Job Interview: Phone
Job Interview: Skype
After the Interview
First Days at Work
Earning Raises
Leaving a Job
Letters of Recommendation