Job Research

After a $65 yearly subscription to U.S. Work World is purchased, a username and password will be assigned to the purchaser for the school site.  Then, all U.S. Work World PDFs will be available for download and printout, and for use with students, staff, and parents at that school site.

Job Research is the newest catagory of lessons currently being added to U.S. Work World. The lessons are adapted from information in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Job Research lessons are 3-page lessons describing job duties, work environment, education and training, important qualities for the job, pay, and job outlook. During the 2017-18 school year, Job Research lessons will be added weekly with the following priority:

First Phase:  Job Research lessons will first add new lessons about jobs that require no training, on-the-job training, Certificates, and Associate degrees.
Second Phase: Then, new lessons will be added about jobs that require Bachelor degrees or higher.

Available Job Research lessons include:
Aircraft Mechanics & Technicians
Audio/Visual & Broadcast Technicians

Construction Equipment Operators
Dental Assistants
Engineering Technicians
Food Service Managers
Foral Designers
Graphic Designers

Insurance Sales Agents
Law Enforcement Officers
Nursing Assistants & Orderlies
Paralegals & Legal Assistants
Plumbers, Pipe & Steamfitters
Social & Human Service Assistants