Job Projection Lessons

After a $65 yearly subscription to U.S. Work World is purchased, a username and password will be assigned to the purchaser for the school site.  Then, all U.S. Work World PDFs will be available for download and printout, and for use with students, staff, and parents at that school site.

Job Projections are released by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, every two years. The next Job Projections are due to be released in December 2017.

Job Projections Explained
Most Job Openings by 2020
Highest Percent Growth Jobs by 2020
Highest Paying Jobs in 2010
Education & Training Terms Defined
Future Labor Force to Year 2020
Industry Growth in the U.S. to Year 2020
Jobs in Occupational Groups to Year 2020
Self-Employed Workers in 2020