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2019 New & Updated Lessons
Sales Associate Skills (Career Lessons)
How to Make Introductions (Career Lessons)
Social Media & Digital Dirt (Career Lessons, Finding Careers)
Summer Vacation Tips (Career Lessons)
Small Talk — Work Place Skill (Career Lessons)
Aircraft Mechanics & Technicians (Job Research)
Grit — New Skill Employers Want (Career Lessons)
Thoughts & Quotes – Life’s Advice (Thoughts & Quotes)
Researching Unique & Different Jobs – JobMonkey (Career Mini Lessons)
Graphic Designers (Job Research)
Carpenters (Job Research)
After High School Choices (Career Lessons)
Graduation! Did You Pack Your Bags? (Career Lessons)
Taxes – “W” Forms (Career Lessons)
Taxes – 1040 Form – Ben Miller & Anna Scott (Career Lessons)
How to Keep a Job — How to Leave a Job (Career Mini Lessons)
Why Go to School? (Career Lessons)
Robotics Technician (Career Lessons)
E-Cigarettes & Work (Career Lessons)
Minimum Wages 2019 (Career Lessons)
Internship Classes (Career Lessons)
Interview Tips – CareerBuilder (Career Lessons)
2018 Average Weekly Earnings by Age (Career Mini Lessons)
Shoplifting & Robbery at Work (Career Lessons)

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