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I will receive one-year online access to password protected pages to download and print over 400 pages of Career Education PDF documents, such as Career Lessons (2 pages), Career Mini Lessons (1 page), College Knowledge Lessons, Finding Careers Lessons, Job Hunt Portfolio Lessons, Job Hunt Tips Handouts, Job Projection Lessons, Military Careers Lessons, Thoughts and Quotes Lessons, and more.

Cost for one-year membership subscription is $65 starting from the date of purchase.

You may start your $65 one-year membership subscription for U.S. Work World by using one of the following payment options:

To use a school credit card or your personal credit card: 1) Fill out the information requested in the rectangle boxes.  2) Select “Credit/Debit Card” from the drop down menu below. 3) Enter the credit card information requested.

To use your PayPal account:  1) Fill out the information requested in the rectangle boxes.  2) Select “PayPal” from the drop down menu below.  3) Follow the instructions to reach your PayPal account.

To use Purchase Orders:  1) Include the subscribing educator’s name and email address on the Purchase Order.  2) There is no tax on subscriptions.  3) Email, fax, or regular mail the Purchase Order to:

College and Career Publishing
U.S. Work World Membership
P.O. Box 8458
Alta Loma CA 91701

FAX: 909-980-0314


Note: Discount is offered for subscriptions of multiple school sites within one district/agency. For information, please email:


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