Weird Interview Questions from Blog

Interview Hand Shake

As you prepare answers to common job interview questions, you should also expect some curveballs. Interview questions aren’t always about your skills and work experience. After all, there’s only so much of your personality a recruiter can absorb from asking you about your proficiency with PowerPoint. From determining your spirit animal to which famous person Read More >

How To Reskill Yourself in Today’s Workforce

According to, what employers want is skills that can develop their business.  Many talents employers seek are called Transferrable Skills.  You will increase your chances of promotins and new job advancements by learning how to describe examples of your transferrable skills in the follow areas: Exedution skills — skills related to getting things done. Read More >

10 Best Interview Tips provides information articles for job seekers. Here is information from an article on 10 Best Interview Tips from 1. Do your research Learn about a company’s services, products, customers and competition will give you an edge in understanding the employer’s needs. 2. Look sharp “Unless you work in a creative industry, the employer Read More >